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Having a hard time seeing both far distance and reading distance?  Great news!  You are likely a candidate for multifocal eyeglass lenses!  Vista Eye Care offers a variety of lens options to meet your visual needs.


Flat-Top Bifocals

Flat-top Bifocals are great for patients who need to see things both very far and very near.  This is the tried and true design that has been around for many years.  This lens design will have a marked-off window for patient utilization for near work.  Bifocals are great for viewing two distances, but do not offer a computer, or “intermediate” viewing distance.  If a patient doesn’t have a need for computer-viewing, than Flat-top Bifocals are a great solution!


Like a Flat-top Bifocal, Trifocal eyeglass lenses grant the wearer far-away vision and near vision.  However, a Trifocal also accounts for intermediate or computer distance viewing.  The downside to a Trifocal design is that the Trifocal viewing distances (near, intermediate, and far-away) are abrupt and offer no smooth transition between them.  The result is what our opticians call “image jump” which can be distracting when the wearer is out walking around or navigating stairs!

Progressives (“No-Line bifocals”)

A Progressive lens is more than just a “no-line bifocal.”  Bifocals have exactly two zones of vision (distance and reading) and Trifocals have exactly three zones of vision (reading, distance, and intermediate).  A Progressive lens is a gradient lens that offers an infinite number of focal points ranging from very near (your phone!) to very far (the mountains!) and everything in between.  Progressive lenses are the gold-standard in providing great binocular vision at all distances.

Not all Progressive designs are created equally! At Vista Eye Care we strive to provide the latest and greatest technology for our patients which is why we utilize lens technology from Shamir.  Shamir’s Autograph Intelligence offer’s the world’s most precise Progressive lens optics.  With a wide visual corridor, the Autograph Intelligence provides the flexibility of clearly viewing any distance, with the comfort of having a wide field of view.  Vista Eye Care has worked with Shamir since we opened in 2010 and the Autograph Intelligence has quickly become the standard of vision correction not just in our prac
tice, but in the industry as a whole.

Besides the Autograph Intelligence, Shamir also offers a customized solution for up close computer work and mid-distance. The Shamir Computer lens design is good for close-up viewing out to a depth of five feet.  Shamir’s Workspace lens design is used for up-close viewing and a focal depth of out to ten feet. Both lenses effectively alleviate Computer Vision Syndrome and allow the wearer’s head and neck to be maintained kept in a neutral position. The Shamir Computer lens will work well for lab technicians, patients in data entry, and graphic designers, while the Shamir Workspace would work well for sales clerks, nurses, chefs, receptionists, and opticians.

And for those patients that prefer to wear contact lenses over glasses, the newest generation of multifocal contacts work great for allowing simultaneous distance and reading vision!  Please call our office today at (303) 450-2020 to speak with one of our opticians or to schedule your exam!


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