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Our preferred anti-glare lens technology is Crizal® anti-glare coated lenses. These lenses offer the greatest protection from the elements, scratches, glare, and even protect the patient from harmful blue light. There are two Crizal® products that we recommend for our patient’s eyeglass lenses:



Crizal® Prevencia® – This is Crizal’s flagship lens coating, and represents the highest in lens technology. Prevencia® offer protection from blue light originating from tablets, computer screens, fluorescent lights, and the sun. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet and blue light over the course of a patient’s lifetime can lead to macular degeneration. Blocking these harmful wavelengths is important for those patient with lighter complexions, family histories of macular disease, or patients with a low macular pigment (low MPOD score). Crizal® Prevencia® also protects the lenses from scratches and dust while providing the best quality glare protection in a lens product today.



Crizal® Avance® – This coating is useful for patients who can’t tolerate the slight purplish sheen seen with Crizal® Prevencia® lenses. For those patients who want to avoid the purplish look of Crizal® Prevencia®, but want the superior anti-glare properties and oil and dust repelling lenses, Crizal® Avance® is a great alternative. This incredible lens technology eliminates the lens-caused glare seen from computers screens and headlights, and like Crizal® Prevencia®, this anti-glare coating also acts as a one-year scratch warranty on the lenses. If your Crizal® Avance® or Crizal® Prevencia® lenses scratch, bring them back to your optician at Vista Eye Care to be replaced. Please see Vista Eye Care’s warranty policy for more details.

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