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Lattice Retinal DegenerationWhat is lattice retinal degeneration?

Lattice retinal degeneration is a thinning of the retina that happens over time.

Does lattice retinal degeneration affect my vision?

Lattice degeneration in and of itself does not cause any symptoms or loss of vision.  In some cases, lattice degeneration can lead to retinal detachment (pictured on this page) which can cause vision loss, so those with lattice degeneration need regular dilated eye exams.

Is lattice degeneration common?

About 10 percent of patients have lattice retinal degeneration.

What causes lattice degeneration?

No one knows for sure what causes lattice degeneration.  It’s not always passed down from parents, but people with a family history are more likely to have it.  It’s also more common in people who are nearsighted or have certain conditions like Stickler Syndrome and Marfan Syndrome.

What treatment is required for retinal lattice degeneration?

In the majority of patients, no treatment is required.  We recommend annual eye examinations and retinal imaging to monitor for changes.

What is the general prognosis for patients with lattice degeneration?

For the majority of people with lattice degeneration, the prognosis is excellent.  Vision is not affected unless the lattice retinal degeneration progresses to a retinal tear or retinal detachment though that progression is not typical.

What are the signs and symptoms for a retinal tear or detachment?

Symptoms of a retinal detachment or retinal tear include flashes of light, new floaters, a curtain or shadow in your vision, and loss of peripheral and/or central vision.  If you experience any of these symptoms, please call our office today at (303) 450-2020 to schedule an examination to determine the cause of your symptoms.  Remember that experiencing flashes of light and floaters in your vision is considered an ocular emergency so while our website allows you to schedule an exam online, we recommend that you call to be seen the same day, or visit the emergency room to rule out retinal complications.

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