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Optos®Annual comprehensive eye and vision exams are vital to maintaining good vision and overall eye health.  Vista Eye Care offers the optomap® Retinal Exam as an important part of your yearly eye check-ups.  The optomap® Retinal Exam produces a unique image that provides our eye doctors with a wide-angle view of your retinas.  The retina is the part of your eye that captures the image of what you are looking at, similar to film in a camera.  Monitoring your retinal health is an important part of your eye care.

Many eye diseases occur without early symptoms.  For example, many patients have early signs of glaucoma but have no indication that they have it.  Many diseases, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal tears, or retinal detachments, are often times evident on an optomap® image.  Other health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be seen with a thorough exam of the retinas.  An optomap® Retinal Exam provides:

  • A technician explains optos to a patient.A scan to show a healthy eye or detect disease.
  • A wide angle view of the retinas, giving our eye doctors a detailed map of your eyes.
  • An opportunity to view and discuss the optomap® image of your eyes.
  • A permanent digital record for your medical file, which allows our optometrists to view your images each year to monitor for change.

The optomap® Retinal Exam is fast, easy, and comfortable for all ages.  To have the image taken, you simply look into the device one eye at a time and you will see a flash of light to let you know the image of your retina has been taken.  The optomap® image is shown immediately on a computer screen so our optometrists can review it with you.  We encourage all of our patients to make optomap® part of their annual eye exams!

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