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This diagram shows the different technologies that the Shamir Autograph III incorporates to allow for the best vision.

Shamir Autograph® III, explore the possibilities of your vision…

  • Enjoy wider fields of vision, based on your Rx
  • Experience natural posture when you read
  • Comfortable vision for any pair of frames you wear
  • Enhanced for smartphone and tablet use

Experience a revolution in optics with Shamir Autograph® III, and explore the possibilities of your vision. This is Vista Eye Care’s flagship digital progressive lens, and there is no finer progressive design available today. This lens offers great vision at all distances, and acts as a patient’s all-around, general-use lens providing clear reading, computer, and driving distances.

The world around us may not look the same through a pair of glasses. That’s because lenses are not optimized for our prescription. For example, if you have a plus prescription, then your glasses are like mini magnifying lenses, making everything appear slightly bigger than it really is. Instead of five keys on your keyboard you only get to see three (but you see them really well). Since Shamir’s scientists realize this, they have perfected Shamir Autograph® III lenses to ensure that you see objects with a “real world view”, as you should. So now, if you have a plus prescription (or any other prescription), you can see all five keys instead of just three.

Shamir Autograph IIIEnjoy more comfort when reading with your Shamir Autograph® III lenses. In standard progressive lenses (like the ones you get at big box stores), the reading area is set in the same spot for everyone. With Shamir Autograph® III, your reading area is located in the most optimal position for your eyes. We can determine where the best position for the reading area is in your lenses based on your Rx. This means no more shifting and moving your head or reading material to find that sweet spot.

Shamir Autograph® III is designed utilizing As-Worn Quadro™. By incorporating your visual requirements and wearing style, we personalize your lenses to meet your precise visual needs. This means more clarity and improved comfort when it comes to your vision. By utilizing this technology, we can also ensure more comfort when you switch from pair-to-pair.

In addition to all the great benefits that the Shamir Autograph® III offers, it has also been enhanced for viewing those digital devices that you use on a daily basis…your smartphone, tablet, and e-reader. Shamir is the only manufacturer that ensures your lenses are enhanced to see your digital devices in a comfortable and natural position, and Vista Eye Care can help you get in this awesome lens technology!

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