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Scleral Lens on FingerSpecialty fit contact lenses refers to any of Vista Eye Care’s custom contact lenses. We fit a wide variety of specialty fit lenses including custom soft lenses, gas-permeable lenses, ortho-k/CRT lenses, and scleral lenses. These lenses are often worn because standard “off-the-shelf” contacts lenses aren’t applicable to the patient’s vision correction. Often times, a patient’s lens parameters are too high, or their own eye shape is too unique to comfortably or safely wear standard fit contact lenses. Some of these lenses is worn for aesthetic value such as the theatrical lenses. The contacts listed here have allowed many of our patients to have fantastic vision with comfortable, healthy contact lenses. Below is a partial list of lenses that we fit.


Custom Soft Lenses

Type of Custom Soft Lens Lens Attributes
Toric Color Lens For those patients with high astigmatism, these lenses offer a wide range of color options all while properly correcting your vision.
Soft Multifocal These lenses allow for custom parameters in a multifocal design.
Westcon Horizon Toric These lenses offer a huge range of parameters for those patients with tricky contact lens prescriptions.
XRP Toric This is a monthly replacement lens that comes in a large parameter range. These lenses typically arrive much quicker than other high-toric lenses, making them more practical for those patients with high amounts of astigmatism.
Soft K For mild keratoconus patients who aren’t ready to wear a gas-permeable lens.
Post Refractive Surgery (PRS) Lens For those patients that need to wear contact lenses after LASIK, PRK, or RK.


Custom Gas Permeable Lenses

Type of Custom Gas Permeable Lens Lens Attributes
Spherical Gas Permeable Lens Because they have a tremendous range of available parameters, gas permeable lenses are used for many different treatment modalities. They can be used for both adults and children with a wide variety of visual needs.
Bitoric Gas Permeable Lens This is a gas permeable lens that is designed to correct astigmatism.
Multifocal Gas Permeable Lens These lenses allow for simultaneous distance and near vision, and the quality of the vision with these lenses is often better than the quality achieved with soft multifocal contact lenses.
Reverse Geometry Lens Useful for patients who wear gas-permeable lenses after having had LASIK, PRK, or RK.
Scleral Lenses These large gas permeable lenses don’t contact the cornea, but rather sit on the sclera for a uniquely fitting, and extremely comfortable lens wearing experience.   These lenses are especially useful in those patients with corneal disease.
SynergEyes® Lenses
These hybrid soft/gas permeable lenses offer the vision quality of gas permeable lenses with the comfort of a soft lens.
Ortho-K / CRT Lenses We use CRT (corneal refractive therapy) lenses to gently reshape the patient’s corneas when they are sleeping at night. After waking, the patient can then see clearly during the day without contacts or glasses.


Custom Theatrical Lens

Please see the graphic below to learn about some of the unique designs available to our patients. If you have unique needs for a costume or theatrical production, please let us know so we can find a lens to meet your needs!


Because there are so many options with contact lenses, and because every patient’s eyes and visual needs are unique, we encourage you to speak with your doctor about which lenses would work best for you! Please call us at (303) 450-2020 to schedule your contact lens exam, or use the button below to schedule online:

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