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Transitions® is lens option that allows your lenses to get darker when you go outdoors.  Transitions is a great option to allow a clear (also known as “ophthalmic”) pair of glasses to serve as sunglasses in outdoor environments.  There are several types of Transitions® technology available. For the patient on the go, Transitions® Signature™ is a great choice for having sunglasses and regular glasses all rolled into a single convenient pair of glasses.  Step outside, and Transitions® Signature™ technology makes the lens darker.  Return indoors, and the lens quickly grows clear again.  Transitions® Signature™ is available in its standard form as well as Transitions® XTRActive® which gets especially dark outdoors, and even darkens behind your windshield.  Transitions®’ latest technology is Transitions® Vantage™ which acts similar to Transitions® XTRActive®, though it also incorporates polarization.

Transitions Adaptive Sunglasses
Transitions Vantage
Transitions EXTRActive

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