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This image shows the technology used in a digital spectacle lens.

Shamir Autograph® III – SV, explore the possibilities of your vision…

  • See the difference with digital
  • Digital lenses for precise optics and improved vision
  • Crafted based on your unique measurements and selected frame
  • Improved, wider area of clear vision

Change your perspective when you go digital with your eyewear.

The world around us is digital! Technology has allowed our TVs, phones, laptops, tablets, and watches to progress; we have the most megapixels, highest resolution and the most unique tools that connect us quickly and clearly. Did you know the same goes for your Vision?

With Shamir Autograph® III – SV, we incorporated our most advanced technologies to ensure that your view of the world around you is the clearest it can be. With digital manufacturing and by incorporating your measurements, lenses don’t get more precise than this.

It doesn’t get more personalized than the Shamir Autograph® III – SV. Your lenses are fine-tuned based on the measurements that your eye care professional provides for your selected frame. Whether you wear your glasses high on your bridge or your frames have an extreme tilt, your Rx lenses are optimized to fit you.

Imagine a world where your lenses allow you to see more, when the prescription you previously had did not. This is the success behind the Shamir Autograph® III – SV.

If you have a higher prescription, be prepared to enjoy more clarity, all thanks to a revolutionary technology called EyePoint Technology III®. It’s the technology that provides you with wider clear vision.

Shamir Autograph® III – SV incorporates our patented EyePoint Technology III® as well as As-Worn Quadro™, which ensures you receive the ultimate solution for your visual needs.

This images shows a comparison between lower quality vision out of a non-digital lens (on the left) and the high quality vision seen through a digital lens (on the right).

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