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A group of kids smiling and having fun.Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT), or Ortho-Keratology (Ortho-K), contact lenses are specially-designed lenses that are worn at night to provide the patient with good vision during the day. These lenses act to gently re-shape the front, clear part of the eye called the cornea. In nearsighted eyes, the cornea is too steep for the eye to see distant objects clearly. Ortho-K lenses change the shape of the eye when they are worn at night. When the patient wakes up, they remove their contact lenses and their cornea has been carefully shaped to match their glasses prescription. This clear, comfortable vision lasts all day, and as long as the contact lens is worn at night, the patient’s vision during the day is kept crystal clear!

Ortho-K lenses are ideal for those patients that either cannot get LASIK or PRK, or are too young for those procedures. Ortho-K is especially useful when daytime contact lens wear is not practical, such as for those patients that participate in swimming sports.  Ortho-K lenses are also useful in Myopia Management programs, and are in fact the most effective way to reduce a patient’s endpoint level of myopia.

Starting to wear Ortho-K lenses is easy! We use our corneal topographer to determine your corneal curvatures, and then calculate the lens shape you need based on your glasses prescription. It usually takes a few visits to get everything exact, and then you’re up and running! You too can be contact lens-free during the day!

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Patients Who Love CRT

  • Patient too young to get LASIK or PRK
  • Patients who do water sports
  • Patients who can’t tolerate lens wear during the day
  • Patients who just prefer a lens-free lifestyle
  • Patients in a Myopia Management program

Myopia Management

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