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Learn how to care for your soft contact lenses.  With today’s multi-purpose solutions, caring for your contacts is easy!  We show you how to care for your lenses step by step! (Learn More)
Our doctors fit a variety of custom contact lens designs including multifocal, bifocal, toric (for astigmatism), gas permeable, scleral, SynergEyes, intralimbal, daily disposable, and all of the popular soft lens varieties.  We even stock many of our favorite lenses so you don’t even need to wait for your order! (Learn More)
Gas permeable contact lenses are a great way to correct vision for those patients with high nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.  Gas permeable lenses (especially, scleral lenses) are still the best contact lens for those patients with keratoconus and related corneal disease. (Learn More)
Kids can typically start wearing contact lenses at 10-12 years of age.  Wearing lenses is easy and fun!  Contact lenses are great for sports, or for those kids whose glasses prescription make wearing glasses a challenge. (Learn More)
We make it easy to get your supply of contact lenses ordered up!  Use the link below to order your lenses online.  We will include all of the private practice rebate information with your order to save you money on your contacts! (Learn More)
Ortho-K lenses gently flatten your cornea at night time so that you don’t have to wear contact lenses during the day!  You can have crystal clear vision all day long just by wearing these lenses when you sleep!  This is great option for kids, or those adults that are unable to have LASIK or PRK. (Learn More)
Scleral lenses are large-diameter contact lenses that correct vision unlike any other contact.  Scleral lenses correct vision for those patients with keratoconus, or patients with high amounts of astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness.  These lenses are comfortable and the vision they provide is crisp! (Learn More)
Many contact lens wearers wear soft contacts, and we stock a wide variety of lenses!  We have Air Optix, Dailies Total One, Biofinity, ULTRA, Biotrue, Acuvue Oasys, Oasys 1-Day, 1-Day Moist, and may others! (Learn More)

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