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Cataract Surgery

A close-up view of a healthy adult eye.

Cataract surgery is a common eye procedure that removes the clouded crystalline lens from the eye. An estimated 20.5 million (17.2%) Americans aged 40 years and older have cataract in one or both eyes, and 6.1 million (5.1%) have had their lens removed operatively. This procedure restores a patient’s clear vision and has the added bonus of also correcting their distance vision. There are a several different lens implant options available to our patients, among which are multifocal intraocular lenses. These lenses allow for clear vision at both distance and reading, and may help the patient eliminate their need for glasses (including reading glasses!) altogether.

At Vista Eye Care, our doctors work closely with several local cataract specialists get our patients seeing great! You can visit our office for your pre-operative appointments. We can then send a report of your eye health and vision information to your cataract surgeon. After your surgery, our doctors will see you for your 1-day post-operative visit. We will be watching you closely as you heal, and we typically see you also for 1-week, and 1-month post-op visits. One month after your cataract surgery you can have your eyeglass lenses updated if you need to. You will be amazed how clear your vision is when your cataracts are no long in the picture!


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