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Vista Eye Care’s commitment to technology is nowhere more evident than in our refraction process. Our office utilizes both traditional phoropters and Marco TRS-5100 automatic phoropters. These phoropters are digitally linked to our auto-lensometer (the instrument that reads the power off your old glasses), and interconnected with our auto-refractor (the instrument that electronically measures your new glasses prescription). The result is a seamless data transfer of your glasses prescription from the beginning of the exam, to your own vision testing, and then to our team of opticians who can then transform those carefully determined numbers into your updated glasses!

Advantages of the Marco TRS-5100 system include:

  • Digital data transfer from auto-refractor
  • Digital data transfer from auto-lensometer
  • Digital data transfer from the exam room to our optician team
  • Faster refraction process (1 or 2?)
  • Greater accuracy with patients with high astigmatism

While our doctors still use traditional phoropters for some patients, the Marco TRS-5100 refraction system shows that the eye care industry has certainly benefited from advances in technology!


Vista Eye Care utilizes the latest in digital refraction technology.  This image shows one of our state-of-the-art exam rooms.
The Marco TRS-5100 Digital Refraction System.   Vista Eye utilizes these units to assure perfect refractions and the best visual results in your glasses!
For our new patients, we like to determine the powers of your previous glasses.  Our Marco autolensometers will read your lens powers accurately so that our doctors can tell if your vision has changed!
Our auto refractor will use infrared light to digital determine your glasses prescription.  This system typically measures your glasses prescription  four to five times in just a few seconds!

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