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Vista Eye Care's Mission Statement: "Healthy eyes and great vision through compassionate, preventative eye care."“Healthy eyes…”

It can’t be emphasized enough: our sense of vision is the most useful, remarkable, and irreplaceable of our senses. Vision allows us to judge movement, color, depth, and detail all instantaneously and in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Eye disease can harm the health of our finely-tuned visual system, and ultimately reduce the eyes’ ability to function. We regard healthy eyes as those that are cared for regularly, and allowed to see to their fullest ability.


“…and great vision…”

Having great vision truly means more than just “seeing 20/20.” Using the latest exam technologies in refraction, ophthalmic imaging, and diagnostic testing, we are able to care for your eyes like never before. Our system of digital refraction allows us to precisely measure your eyeglass prescription and deliver that seamlessly to your digitally-surfaced eyeglass lenses. We use the latest anti-glare technology which allows for reflection-free clarity and blue-light filtering all in one scratch-resistant coating. Our digital progressive lenses allow for clear, comfortable vision when reading a tablet, glancing at your phone, working at your desk, or driving your car. “Great vision” may also mean special attention for those patients with unique visual needs such those who wear specialty-fit contact lenses, those that pursue laser vision correction, and those that benefit from our low vision services. Our doctors and staff are always ready to help you achieve your visual best!


“…through compassionate…”

Our practice was founded on the principle of compassion. We are not a franchise or chain-store and we don’t believe that corporate healthcare can provide the patient-doctor relationship that we all deserve. Our doctors and staff are here to support your unique eye and vision needs. We offer services uncommon to the eye care industry: a comprehensive dry eye clinic, glaucoma clinic, specialty contact lens fittings, full-service optical with our own on-site lens laboratory, and low vision services. We appreciate that every patient’s visual needs are unique, and we are happy to help our patients with their own work and hobbies. Our compassion reaches out to our community as well, and we sponsor numerous local sports teams and organizations that share similar missions to ours.


“…preventative eye care.”

Any eye ailment is best remedied early in the disease process –or better yet before that disease even begins. Regular eye care is the first step in a life-long commitment to preventative eye care. If regular eye care is important to eye health, you can be sure that early eye care is equally crucial. We recommend children be seen for their first eye exam at 6-12 months of age to help assure that eye disease and risks for poor vision development are identified early. Annual comprehensive eye and vision exams give our eye doctors the opportunity to check overall eye health. Blue light protection indoors and ultraviolet protection outdoors help prevent early cataracts and macular degeneration. Careful annual optic nerve evaluations will allow for early detection of glaucoma, a disease that can affect patients of any age. We even measure your risk factors for disease to determine if nutritional supplementation may help prevent dry eye or macular degeneration.

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