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An anti-glare coating on your eyeglass lenses makes the difference between a regular pair of glasses and a visually-amazing one!  Anti-glare coatings prevent scratching of the lenses, and allow light to focus cleanly through the lenses. (Learn More)

Vista Eye Care has the greatest eyeglass frame selection in the Denver North Metro area.  We have artsy frames, classic frames, plastic frames, metal frames, titanium frames, fashion frames, work frames, kids frames, sunwear, safety wear…you name it! (Learn More)

Shamir’s Autograph III progressive addition lens is the best lens on the market which is why it is the lens design our opticians recommend to our progressive lens wearers at Vista Eye Care.  This lens allows for clear vision up-close, at the computer, while driving, and everything in between. (Learn More)
Shamir’s Office lenses are designed to help you maintain great vision while you work.  These lenses allow our patients to maintain good posture while working.  They are great for computer and cubicle workspaces. (Learn More)
The Shamir Relax lens uses state-of-the-art technology to relax your own visual focus when reading, working at the computer, or using a tablet device.  These lenses are easy to get used to, and eliminate the eye strain and fatigue associated with electronic devices. (Learn More)
Shamir Digital Single Vision lenses allow for flawless vision using the latest in lens technology.  These lenses are especially useful for large glasses prescriptions including those with astigmatism.  Your vision will be custom-adapted to your own frame shape and visual needs. (Learn More)
Our optical department offers the best frame selection in the area. From fashionable to functional, we have the brand and the look that will fit your style. We also carry a great selection of sunwear, sports glasses, goggles, and glasses accessories. (Learn More)
There are a variety of lens materials available. The ideal material depends on your glasses prescription, age, occupation, and frame type and choosing the correct material will contribute to the perfect visual experience. (Learn More)
We offer the best frame warranty around, and best of all, you don’t even need to ask for it. All of our frames include a complete one-year warranty. When you purchase your glasses from our practice you not only get a quality product, you also get piece of mind. (Learn More)
Polarized eyeglass lenses enhance your color perception and allow for better vision when looking through windshields.  For most patients, we recommend polarized lenses in your sunwear! (Learn More)
With our sunny days and higher UV index, sunglasses are practically a requirement for residency in Colorado!  Besides allowing for more comfortable (and less squinty!) vision, sunwear also protects your eyes from future eye disease. (Learn More)
Transitions is a great lens technology that changes clear eyeglass lenses into sunglasses while outdoors.  These lenses allow for more comfortable vision, and they block out the harmful ultraviolet light that can lead to eye disease. (Learn More)
Vista Eye Care makes its glasses in-house with our state-of-the-art ophthalmic lens laboratory. Your glasses can be ready in as little as a day! (Learn More)

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