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Having a yearly comprehensive exam can catch eye disorders early and prevent them from interfering with your eyes and vision. Our examinations are quite thorough and our doctors will take the time to explain their findings and answer any questions you may have. Common topics are outlined below for your convenience.


If an eye is incapable of forming a clear image, vision may never develop properly. Amblyopia, or “lazy eye” can be the result, and unless a treatment plan is initialized at an early age, vision may never be capable of reaching 20/20. (Learn More)


Both near and distance vision can be affected by astigmatism. Correction can be easily achieved with glasses, contact lenses, or laser eye surgery. (Learn More)


Blepharitis is a chronic condition that involves lid inflammation or infection. This condition can lead to discomfort, dry eye, and blurred vision. (Learn More)


Caused by sunlight, nutritional deficits, or disease. Cataracts can cause blurred vision and glare when driving at night and can be prevented with careful education, or treated with surgery. (Learn More)

Computer Vision Syndrome

Lots of people use computers these days, and the prevalence of CVS is on the rise. Symptoms including tired, dry eyes are usually quite treatable. (Learn More)

Diabetic Retinopathy

We recommend yearly dilated eye exams for all diabetic patients. Diabetic retinopathy may have no symptoms, though if left untreated, blindness may result. (Learn More)

Dry Eye

Many people in Colorado suffer from dry eyes because of Colorado’s dry air. We will determine the specific cause of your dry eyes, and create a customized treatment plan. (Learn More)


Children may have significant farsightedness and still read a letter chart at a schools screening. All children should be seen for a comprehensive examination at 6 months of age, and before they start school. (Learn More)


Progressive eye disease that causes peripheral blindness. Regular eye exams and early detection are the keys to not allowing glaucoma to affect your vision. (Learn More)


Keratoconus is a corneal disease that distorts a patient’s vision. This is an inherited disease for which there is currently no cure. It is often possible to achieve excellent vision with specialty contact lenses. (Learn More)

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration affects a patient’s central vision, though with proper eye care, it can largely be prevented. (Learn More)


Meibomitis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the lids that can lower the quality of the eye’s tear layer and lead to dry eye. (Learn More)


We correct nearsightedness with glasses, contact lenses, and laser eye surgery. (Learn More)



Natural changes to the internal components of the eye leave many people with trouble reading up close. There are many options for management including progressive lenses and contact lenses. (Learn More)


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Here are some links to websites that we find helpful. You may find them helpful as well. (Learn More)

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