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Sunglasses in Colorado are practically a requirement for residency – We have over 300 days of sunshine each year, we live at altitude, and we love to play in the outdoors! This is the perfect recipe for intense light that not only is uncomfortable and impairs our vision, but also oxidizes ocular tissues leading to early cataracts and macular degeneration. It is important that we block the ultraviolet light, and reduce the intensity of sunlight to comfortable level for driving or outdoor activates. Fortunately, your options for sunwear are many!


Polarized Sunwear

Polarized glasses are a great way to see better when driving, spending time in the mountains, or while hanging out on the beach and lake. The best sunglasses feature quality, polarized lenses with superb optics and allow for better quality vision and comfort.

polarized sunglasses

Lens Tinting

A lens tint is a great way to add some color to your lenses.  Contrast can be enhanced in some sports by tinting your lenses specific colors.  For patients who need sunglasses, but have jobs that prevent them from wearing polarized lenses (such as airline pilots who have to look at electronic displays that themselves emit polarized light), having the lenses tinted is a great way to assure that they can be safely comforted in bright light environments.

Tinted Lenses


Eye disease prevention is a priority at Vista Eye Care.  We recommend UV protection especially given Denver’s higher altitude and our tendency to play outdoors.  Preventing early-onset cataracts and macular degeneration should be priorities for all our patients.  Some lens materials inherently block UV light and require no coating.  Standard plastic lenses do not, and require either a clear UV coating or adding another UV-blocking feature such as Transitions®.

Ultraviolet Protection


For the patient on the go, Transitions® Signature™ is a great choice for having sunglasses and regular glasses all rolled into a single convenient pair of glasses.  Step outside, and Transitions® Signature™ technology makes the lens darker.  Return indoors, and the lens quickly grows clear again.  Transitions® Signature™ is available in its standard form as well as Transitions® XTRActive® which gets especially dark outdoors, and even darkens behind your windshield.  Transitions®’ latest technology is Transitions®Vantage™ which acts similar to Transitions® XTRActive®, though it also incorporates polarization.

Ultraviolet Protection


If instantaneous tinting is required, a clip-on lens may be a good option.  The clip-on itself has no glasses power, and is individually-sized by our opticians to fit your glasses.  When you step outside or sit behind the wheel, you simply apply the clip-on onto the outside of your glasses and you’re up and running!

Clip On Sunglasses

Chemistry Clips

This innovative approach to sunglasses is a great alternative to a traditional clip-on sun lens. The Chemistry Clip affixes itself magnetically to small, high-powered magnets that are embedded I the sides of your glasses lenses. This allows the same frame to serve as both your ophthalmic, and sun pair!

Clip On Sunglasses

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