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Vista Optical Lab

Vista Eye Care is proud to have our own on-site lens fabrication laboratory.  Vista Eye Care Optical Lab features state-of-the-art lens-grinding equipment that allows our patients to have glasses completed in the same day. With the introduction our new finishing lab, our optical department now carries a variety of prescription single-vision lenses in stock that are ready to be cut into the frame of your choice! Our new laboratory equipment makes it quick and easy for us to complete your glasses order so you can start seeing sooner!  Here are some of the steps that go into making your glasses:


1.  Tracing the Frame – The first step in making a pair of glasses is tracing the inside of the frame.  The geometry is digitally transcribed to assure that when the lens is cut, it will sit properly in the frame.


2. Checking the Frame Pattern – The frame has now been transcribed and the optician checks the alignment of the frame on the screen to assure that the traced geometry will result in properly cut lenses.


3. Blocking the Lens Blank – The blank lens has the proper power to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.  The lens is already coated with the anti-reflective coating that the patient ordered.  The blank lens is added to the blocking unit which orients the lens, and accounts for how the lens will sit in the frame.


4. Final Data Entry – The correct bevel and distance between the patient’s eyes is entered into the blocking computer which will result in ideal vision and comfort.


5. Edging the Lens – The blank lens is now added to the edger.  The edger’s job is to cut the lens into the proper shape to fit the frame.


6. Grinding Away! – Here the edger is slowly working the lens into the proper shape.  It uses several grinding wheels that consist of differing levels of coarseness.


7. Final Edging – The edger unit is nearly done shaping the lens.  Visible here is a small ribbon of cut lens material removed during the edging process.


8. Removing the Cut Lens – Now that the lens has been cut to the proper shape, it is removed from the edger.  The same process is repeated for the fellow lens.


9. Lenses Cut and Ready – Both lenses have been cut and are ready for insertion into the frame.  The alignment stickers are removed and the lens edges are inspected.


10. Completed Glasses – The lenses are carefully inserted into the frame and the finished pair of glasses are re-inspected to assure that the proper power ended up in the completed pair of glasses.  If the glasses pass inspection, they are thoroughly cleaned and ready to be worn!

Using Vista Eye Care’s Optical Lab has many advantages for our patients.  We can have most glasses prescriptions ready to be worn that same day.  Lost lenses can be easily replaced, and our opticians can ensure that glasses are made to our own high quality standards.

We accept outside glasses prescriptions, so please stop by and browse are incredible selection of frames and sunglasses.  Know that besides great service and selection, choosing Vista Eye Care’s Optical Lab means that your glasses will be made quickly and of the utmost quality.  No appointments are needed to browse our frame collections or to consult with an optician, though if you need your yearly eye check-up, feel free to schedule via the button below.  We look forward to seeing you!

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