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A table showing a cardboard '2024,' a mug of coffee, and a notebook for writing down your new year's resolutions

Happy New Year to our wonderful patients!  The start of 2024 is a great time to reflect on that most precious of our senses: vision.  Our sense of vision offers us instantaneous information about our surroundings.  It provides information on motion, color, direction, speed, distance, and luminance.  Vision allows for reading, communication, driving, working, and playing.  A life without sight would be made much more difficult.  So what can we do to care for our eyes and vision?  Vista Eye Care, Thornton’s best choice for eye care, is here to help you with this New Year’s resolution!  To achieve healthy eyes and great vision, we encourage the following:

Regular Eye Care – We recommend adult patients be seen once each year to check their eye health and vision.  Often times we can optimize our patient’s vision for how they use their eyes at work and for their hobbies.  Regular eye care also gives us a chance to monitor for anatomical changes consistent with glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, or retinal disease.

Thorough Eye Care – If you’re looking for a speedy big-box store eye exam, you’re in the wrong place.  Our doctors utilize the latest in eye care technology including advanced imaging, optical coherence tomography, digital refractions, biometry, and risk analysis testing to not only diagnosis and manage disease, but also to prevent that disease in the first place.

Early Eye Care – The American Optometric Association recommends children be seen for their first eye exam at 6 to 12 months of age.  Early-life eye exams allow us to identify refractive error such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism and to manage these condition before they result in possibly amblyopia (lazy eye).  Our Myopia Management clinic even allows us to influence your child’s glasses prescription before it is done developing.

We suggest your New Year’s resolution should be to care for your eyes!  When you trust Vista Eye Care with regular, thorough, and early life eye care, you have a working towards a goal of Preventative Eye Care.  At Vista Eye Care, Preventative Eye Care is our primary means of helping you maintain healthy eyes and great vision!  Please call our office today at (303) 450-2020, or schedule your annual comprehensive eye and vison examination online with the link below.

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