Pediatric and Infant Exams

Thornton, Colorado Pediatric and Infant Examinations

Thornton, Colorado Pediatric and Infant ExamsAn infant eye exam allows for early detection of potential eye and vision problems including amblyopia (often referred to as lazy eye), muscle imbalances, and some ocular diseases that have no signs or symptoms and may not be detected by a primary care exam.  At Vista Eye Care, in Thornton, Colorado, our eye doctors believe strongly in caring for children’s eyes early on to help ensure a lifetime of healthy vision.

During the assessment, parents typically hold their baby on their laps and might also assist by holding targets or toys to hold the baby’s attention.  Areas of exam focus include ocular health, binocularity testing, and assessment of refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism).  Uncorrected refractive error can reduce a child’s visual potential (i.e. they may develop amblyopia, or an inability to see 20/20 on a letter chart when they are older).  Following the assessment, our eye doctors will send a summary letter to the infant’s pediatrician, family physician, or other appropriate practitioners reporting and explaining any significant condition diagnosed in the course of the exam.  Taking your children in to an eye clinic to see an optometrist is important because our eye doctors have the tools and experience necessary to give your baby a thorough eye exam.

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