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Here are some tips on how to find your next pair of perfect glasses at Vista Eye Care!

There are many different styles of frames ranging from rimless, semi-rimless, full-rim metal, and plastic to name a few.  Make sure that you pick a style that is the most comfortable to you as you will be the one wearing them!  A semi-rimless frame is more lightweight, so it will seem like you are wearing nothing at all, whereas a full plastic frame is likely going to weigh more depending on the thickness of the plastic.  Most metal or semi-rimless frames are fitted with nosepads – this is helpful and typically more comfortable when you have a narrow or small nasal bridge.  Most plastic frames have a plastic base on the bridge for them to sit comfortably on your nose, but we do carry some frame lines that craft plastic frames with adjustable nosepads.

Now, we should consider the many shapes that frames come in: square, round, rectangular, cat eye, etc.  The best style choice can be made by knowing which face shape you have.  The standard face shapes are: heart, square, circle, triangle, diamond, etc.  The truth is, most people are a combination of these, and you may fit into several different face shape categories.  The best thing to look at is your jawline – assess whether it is more “square” or “round” and that should give you a good guideline of your face shape.  A frame should emphasize the features that you want others to notice so that your face achieves perfect visual balance.

Face Types for Glasses

  • Square Faces – These patients should typically go with a frame that is the opposite of their face shape to soften their bolder features. Pick a round or oval-styled frame.  If you want to be bold, then pick a square frame!
  • Round Faces – These patient’s faces have soft curves so frames that add sharper angles to their face will help give them more shape. Lean towards frames that are more rectangular, or angular.  If you have full-bodied cheeks then you can draw attention to them with a cute and curvy cat-eye while simultaneously placing the focus on your eyes.
  • Heart-Shaped Faces – Known to be the most versatile of all face shapes! If your chin is more narrow, then a bottom heavy frame can help create more width.  A frame with low-set temples can help draw attention towards the lower part of your face if you are conscious of your forehead’s width.
  • Triangular Faces – These faces are wider at the bottom and narrowest on top. Finding a frame that is the opposite (bold on top and thin on bottom) can help neutralize this effect.  You can also mix in round and angular shapes here like an aviator or cat-eye frame.
  • Oval Faces – These face shapes can work with most frame shapes. Try on a frame that is as wide as the widest part of your face, and look for a frame that is square, rectangular, or has a fun geometric shape.

You can have fun with your eyewear choice!  What is most important is that when you try on your glasses, your eyes are nice and centered in the middle of the lenses to be sure the frame is not too small or too large for your face.  Remember also that we want to make sure that the width of your frame is equal to the width of your face from ear to ear.  A little room is ok, but too much room will affect the natural fit of your glasses and will also cause problems with the optics of your lenses.  We want to be sure the bridge fit is nice and comfortable as well which will help the glasses stay in place and not slide down as much.  Lastly, we want to make sure that the temples hug nice and lightly behind your ears.  A temple that is too short or too long prevents your optician from being able to adjust your glasses properly.  To complete the look, we want to make sure the frame speaks to your personality by adding some color, prints, patterns or bling!

Vista Eye Care’s opticians are experts at styling and lens design.  Your glasses are more than just a means of seeing your world clearly, they are a fun statement about your personality and who you are!Bad Fitting Eye Glasses  Good Fitting Eye Glasses

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