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While we recommend a yearly comprehensive exam to all our patients, we offer the full range of eye care services. Interested in contact lenses or laser eye surgery? You’ve come to the right place. How about treatment of itchy and dry eyes? You’re covered! Woke up this morning with a red eye? We are your one-stop solution for eye and vision care and we see patients of all ages.

Comprehensive Eye Examination

A comprehensive eye and vision exam is the annual examination where the health and function of the eyes are assessed. At Vista Eye Care, we recommend a complete comprehensive exam each year for children and adults alike. (Learn More)

Contact Lens Exams

New designs and materials have changed how contact lenses can help people’s vision. We offer daily-disposable, multi-focal, two-week replacement, monthly lenses, and colored contacts. We also perform post-operative contact lens fittings, keratoconus lens fittings, and specialty-fit contact lenses. (Learn More)


The optomap® is a digital retinal scan that helps our eye doctors detect eye and systemic disease. Our eye doctors recommend yearly scans for all ages to help ensure good eye health and vision. (Learn More)

Pediatric and Infant Exams

The American Optometric Association recommends scheduling a baby’s first eye exam at six months of age. For those patients not covered by vision insurance, Vista Eye Care offers no-cost eye and vision assessments for patients between six and twelve months of age through the American Optometric Association’s InfantSEE program. (Learn More)

Complete Optical Department

Vista Eye Care features a complete optical department with hundreds of frames to choose from. We are continuously updating our frame selection and have a wide variety of colors and styles. Our collections include sunglasses, sports glasses, and ophthalmic frames. (Learn More)

LASIK Consultations

Refractive surgery has come a long way since its early days. Ask us about the latest treatment options for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. We will be happy to sit down with you one on one and explain what you can expect from today’s refractive surgery procedures. (Learn More)

Diabetes and Cataract Co-management

Diabetes has the potential to affect eye health and vision. Your primary care physician will likely recommend complete eye exams on a yearly basis to monitor the health of eyes. Cataracts are a common visual degradation that can affect vision. When it comes time for cataract surgery, we can see you for your pre and post-op care saving you from having to drive across town and keeping all your medical records in one place. (Learn More)

Sports Vision Exams

Colorado is home to some of greatest outdoor activities in the world. Runners, bikers, hikers, skiers, you name it, we have them all. Vista Eye Care has lots to offer the sports enthusiast including a fantastic selection of sunwear, UV-blocking contact lenses, and swim goggles. Come in today and browse our selection of Oakleys or try UV-blocking contact lenses such as CooperVision’s new Avaira lens today! (Learn More)

Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma is the second-leading cause of blindness in the U.S. It most often occurs in people over age 40, although congenital glaucoma exists. Because the disease can progress or change silently, compliance with eye medications and eye examinations are essential, as treatment may need to be initiated or adjusted. (Learn More)

Emergency Services

Vista Eye Care is here for you when you need us. Ocular emergencies come about when you least expect them. We can treat your eye emergency both during normal business hours and outside normal business hours, saving your time and money, and getting you treated right away. (Learn More)

Ocular Disease Prevention

The eye is an amazing sensory organ, but like the rest of the body, it is susceptible to disease. Modern medicine recognizes that the most efficient path to health is prevention, and at Vista Eye Care, that’s what we’re all about. Dr. Abert and Dr. Pedroza will talk to you about how you can prevent eye diseases. (Learn More)

Macular Pigment Testing

Low macular pigmentation is correlated with development of macular degeneration, a blinding eye disease.  Your macular pigmentation can be measured, and then improved through the use of doctor-recommended vitamins.  Our doctors recommend macular pigment assessment each year for those patients over 30 years of age. (Learn More)

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