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Eye Emergencies: Foreign Body, Trauma, or Pink Eye

Eye emergencies happen. Our first instinct may be to get to an emergency room or an urgent care for help, however that might not always be the best plan of action when dealing with the eyes. Oftentimes ER’s are able to treat a wound, but they don’t always have the correct equipment to efficiently treat an eye condition.  Visiting your Vista Eye Care eye doctor may be the best answer when dealing with an eye-related emergency!

Nearly 25% of eye-related ER visits were determined to be non-emergencies and could have been treated by an optometrist in-office.  Unnecessary ER visits can be costly to the patient and even slow down care for others experiencing an emergency. There are many reasons to choose to visit an optometrist, but specifically in an eye emergency because they can treat six common eye care emergencies. 

  • Blunt eye trauma
  • Eye cut, puncture, or foreign body to the eye or eyelid
  • Chemical burn of the eye
  • Sudden vision changes or loss of vision
  • Red eye
  • Pupils are different sizes (pupil anisocoria)

Leaving these symptoms untreated can lead to permanent damage, vision loss, or even blindness. Not to mention, these symptoms can be very irritating and lead to missed work or school.  Our compassionate team of doctors want to help by providing convenient and quick care.  Getting an annual comprehensive eye exam can help you to understand any eye conditions you might experience. Eye doctors are also able to help diagnose many underlying health conditions that you might have through an eye exam which can illuminate paths for treatment.

Consider that if you have an eye-related emergency, it is great to call upon your previous eye care information regarding your past medical eye history, vision, and chart data to best direct your treatment.  Optometrists are specialists of the eyes, and they know the best route to keep you healthy and seeing your best.  If you have an eye related emergency, please call our office as soon as possible at (303) 450-2020.  Our team of caring doctors are here to help you to be prepared if an eye emergency happens!

Ready to schedule your annual eye check-up?

Ready to schedule your annual eye check-up?