Womens’ Bean Project

Dr. Brian Abert and Dr. Deanna Pedroza had the opportunity to visit the Women’s Bean Project in Denver, Colorado and to offer eye exams to the staff there.  Vista Eye Care is donating glasses to any women there that need them.  “We had a great time visiting these inspirational ladies,” Dr. Pedroza said.  “It was an honor to get to meet them and to use our professional abilities to make sure their eyes were healthy and they were seeing to their potential!”

From the Women’s Bean Project Website:

Founded in 1989, Women’s Bean Project is an anomaly in the business world. It is a business, one that packages and sells bean soup mixes, baking mixes and other dry food products to stores across the U.S. and online. But tucked inside this business is a human services organization designed to provide a safe and accepting work environment where impoverished women can learn the skills required for gainful employment.

Please enjoy these pictures from our fun afternoon performing eye exams!

Dr. Deanna Pedroza arrives at the Women’s Bean Project headquarters in Denver with a cart full of eye care supplies and equipment.

The Women’s Bean Project is located in an old firehouse that the organization purchased from the City of Denver. The elevator was convenient, but slow as this sign attests!

Dr. Brian Abert works with an employee to test her vision.

Dr. Deanna Pedroza checks the retinal health of a Women’s Bean Project staff member.

The Women’s Bean Project director was kind enough to present us with a gift basket. We plan on making the chili this week!

Thank you for checking out the pictures from our fun afternoon at the Women’s Bean Project!  Next week we will return to dispense the glasses we are donating to the staff, and to complete a few more eye exams.  Please look for Women’s Bean Project goods where you shop and support this wonderful organization!

If you would like to schedule your annual comprehensive eye and vision examination, please call us today at (303) 450-2020, or use the button below to schedule your appointment online:

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