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If you had an eye health emergency today, do you know where to go for the best and most efficient eye care?

We’ve all had health emergencies arise at one point in time, and in most cases rushing to the urgent care or emergency room is appropriate.  However, if the health issue is regarding your eyes or vision you may want to rethink your emergency plan.  At Vista Eye Care, we are prepared to treat most eye care emergencies in our office.  Of course, for life-threatening emergencies, you should always contact 911 immediatley.

One study found that 25% of ocular emergency room visits were deemed non-emergencies and could have been handled more efficiently in-office by an eye doctor.  This means that patients paid a higher cost to be seen in the ER by a general healthcare provider rather than making an appointment with their eye doctor.  Individuals were also 10% less likely to seek care in an ER for an eye condition if they had an established eye doctor.

Seeing your eye doctor for an eye emergency is usually best because:

  • Many emergency rooms and urgent care facilities lack the proper equipment for proper eye exams
  • In an emergency room or urgent care facility you will probably see a general health practitioner rather than a specialized eye care professional like your optometrist
  • Misdiagnosis could impact your vision and eye health permanently

Dr. Brian Abert, O.D., of Vista Eye Care notes: “To get the best eye care in an emergency, we recommend that you have an eye health emergency plan.  Eye care is essential so it’s important to have an optometrist that you see annually who can also address any eye care issues or emergencies that arise between your annual exams.  Make sure your loved ones also have an eye care emergency plan for their own eye health.”

For eye emergencies, please call our office at (303) 450-2020.



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