Vista Eye Care Staff Pictures!

Each year Vista Eye Care has a photo session.  This allows for all of our website and newsletter pictures to stay updated.  Be sure to check out our updated staff bios, and updated doctor bios!  We had a couple of key staff members celebrating some pretty spectacular anniversaries with the practice as well:

We are so thankful to have Tara on our team! She just celebrated her 3rd anniversary with Vista Eye Care. Where would we be without Tara? She helps with insurance, billing, teching, and optical needs. Thank you Tara for all of your hard work!

We were sort of bored while taking pictures, so what better thing to do than take a goofy picture? Here’s all the doctors of Vista Eye Care: Dr. Jami Swenson, Dr. Melissa Vanray, Dr. Deanna Pedroza, and Dr. Brian Abert. Cheese!

Dr. Melissa Vanray has been caring for patients at Vista Eye Care for 4 years! We are thrilled to work with such a talented and amazing doctor!

It is a yearly tradition to have a selfie at the front desk. Here is our 2018 Staff Selfie!

Please call our office today to schedule an annual eye and vision examination for yourself, or your family at (303) 450-2020, or use the button below to schedule your exam online:

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