Vista Eye Care Attends the Denver AOA Meeting!

Vista Eye Care’s doctors and staff attended the national American Optometric Association Meeting at the Denver Convention Center in June.  This meeting was a great chance to learn about the latest in patient care, and we took classes on a wide variety of topics including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, marijuana and eye care (sorry folks, marijuana does not lower intraocular pressure or treat glaucoma!), patient care, practice management, ophthalmic optics, eye anatomy, kids and contact lenses, patient history, emergency eye care, visual acuity, and pupil testing.  We had a great time, so we hope you enjoy these pictures from the event!

Here are the badges we wore at the AOA meeting – snazzy!  We had a great time at the AOA meeting and look forward to our next meeting in San Antonio in the Fall!

Dr. Deanna Pedroza poses with the AOA logo at the AOA meeting.

Dr. Abert stands fearless before a charging bear.

Jeff, Kathy, and Tara pose with a giant, disembodied eyeball at the AOA meeting in Denver.

Kathy, Tara, and Dr. Pedroza had fun attending the exhibit hall!

Dana and Dr. Jami Swenson pose outside the exhibit hall at the Denver meeting.

Jeanette, Mayra, Sam, and Dr. Pedroza hurry to their next class at the AOA meeting.

Dana tries on virtual reality gear at the Alcon booth in the exhibit hall.

Jeanette, Mayra, Dr. Pedroza, and Dr. Abert pose with the giant bear at the Denver Convention Center.

Dana, Dr. Abert, and Dr. Swenson all conquered an escape room in the exhibit hall!

Dr. Swenson experiences a virtual reality tour of a surgical glaucoma procedure.

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