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Your Flex Dollars may expire at the end of the year!  Be sure to use them before they vanish!  You can utilize Flex Dollars to purchase a variety of materials or services at Vista Eye Care:

  • Eye Care – You’ve been waiting a long time to get your eyes checked.  Why are you waiting?  We recommend yearly eye and vision check-ups for patients of all ages, and we recommend that children be seen before they are 1 year old.  Use Flex Dollars to cover your annual eye check-up!
  • Punctal Occlusion – These silicone wonders are great relief when it comes to handling eye dryness.  Use them to help you retain more tears and reduce your dependency on artificial tear eye drops.  Flex Dollars to the rescue!
  • Sunglasses – Colorado is a sunny state, and with sunlight comes brightness and squinting…oh my goodness, the squinting!  Wouldn’t it be nice to drive and not squint?  Wouldn’t you like to prevent ultraviolet radiation from oxidizing ocular tissues and thus reduce your odds of getting macular degeneration and cataracts?  Flex Dollars can help you get the sunglasses you need.
  • Office Lenses – Why keep suffering from tired eyes at the end of your work day?  Shamir’s Office Lens is a great occupational lens that relaxes your own eyes’ focus and let’s your own focusing muscles take a break.  Flex Dollars just saved you another nasty end-of-the-workday headache!
  • Contact Lenses – Maybe you’ve never tried contact lenses before and want to give them a shot for the first time.  Maybe you wear contacts, but still haven’t purchased your full supply for the year.  Our office has hundreds of lenses in stock and ready to go!  Call us and schedule yourself an appointment, or swing by any time and stock up on lenses.
  • Nutritional Supplements – If your eye doctor has identified you as being at risk for macular degeneration due to low macular pigment density (MPOD), we strongly recommend a diet rich in zeaxanthin and lutein.  Restore from EyePromise is a great nutritional supplement that boosts your MPOD and reduces your odds of getting macular degeneration when you are older.  We always carry a stock of Restore so it’s here when you need it.
  • LASIK or PRK – How long have you been putting off LASIK?  Why not learn more about the procedure and take the next step to see if you are a candidate.  We don’t charge for consultations and you are welcome to visit our office here in Thornton for all of your pre and post-operative visits!
  • Back-Up Glasses – Do you only have one pair of glasses?  What would you do if your glasses broke?  What if you ran out of contact lenses?  It is always nice to have back-up glasses to make sure that you can still go to work or school.  Use those Flex Dollars!
  • LipiFlow – This procedure is the gold standard for addressing dryness and eye irritation caused by the progressive, chronic disease of meibomiban gland dysfunction (MGD).  With results that typically last for a full year, and often put to 3 years, LipiFlow is so fast, easy, and effective, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to treat your eyes!

Truly, what can’t Flex Dollars do when it comes to your eye health and vision?  Our optometrists suggest yearly check-ups to make sure your eyes are healthy and your vision is sharp.  Call us today at (303) 450-2020 to schedule annual comprehensive eye and vision exams for you and your family, or stop by any time to order your glasses and contacts, or use the button below to schedule your exam online:

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