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Interested in contact lenses?  Concerned that you won’t be able to put them in your eyes?  Concerned that wearing them is too complicated?  Let this article be reassurance that wearing contact lenses is easy, and the vision afforded by modern contact lenses is excellent and easy to achieve.  Vista Eye Care is an optometry office in Thornton, Colorado that fits a variety of contact lenses including soft lenses, gas permeable lenses, and custom-fit contacts for keratoconus, pellucid, and post-LASIK/PRK/RK corneas.

Soft lenses are the go-to lens for patients with mild to moderate astigmatism, and just about any range of nearsightedness or farsightedness.   Many popular brands are available, and Vista Eye Care’s trial contact lens room has literally thousands of lenses for our optometrists to select from.  Most of patients are able to leave the office the same days as their contact lens fitting day with their correct contact lenses in place –some patients need to have their lenses special-ordered.  Our eye doctors’ favorite 2-week lens right now is Vistakon’s Acuvue Oasys.  This lens offers superior wetability, comfort, and resists dryness.  Best of all, the Acuvue Oasys lens blocks UV light which means that by just wearing your contact lenses you are preventing macular degeneration and early cataract formation.  Cooper Vision’s Biofinity is a fantastic monthly-replacement lens that does great in Colorado’s dry climate.  Both Oasys and Biofinity are available in lenses that correct astigmatism.  There are many daily disposable lenses also available including Proclear 1-day, Acuvue 1-day Moist, and Alcon’s always great Dailies with Aquacomfort Plus.  Daily disposable lenses are great contact lenses for patients with exceptionally dry eyes or allergies as well as for part-time contact lens wearers.  Imagine that after a day of hitting the ski slopes, you simply toss your contact lenses and call it a day.  Pretty cool!

Hard contact lenses, also called gas permeable or GP’s, are used to treat large amounts of nearsightedness or farsightedness, and high amounts of astigmatism.  These lenses are also useful in providing vision correction for patients with challenging contact lens fits such as post-surgical corneas.  The comfort on these lenses is very good, and they offer great quality vision to many patients along with many health benefits.

For those that are new to contact lenses, caring for soft lenses couldn’t be easier.  Most patients are able to use a multipurpose solution.  There are a variety of these contact lens solutions that are available in most grocery stores and pharmacies.  Optifree Replenish, Optifree PureMoist, Basuch and Lomb Biotrue, and Renu.  Generally, generic solutions contain more preservatives and don’t offer the same ability to moisturize lenses quite as well as name-brand solutions do.

If you are interested in being fit in contact lenses, please call our office at (303) 450-2020.  Dr. Abert and Dr. Pedroza can fit you in a great pair of contacts so you can get out there and have fun!

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