Sports Vision

Thornton, Colorado Sports Vision Exams

At Vista Eye Care in Thornton, Colorado, our eye doctors recognize that when you’re active, you need to have sharp vision that is resistant to the elements.  Correctly prescribed and fitted eyewear can help you perform better at a wide variety of sporting activities, as well as protect our eyes from damaging sunlight or traumatic impacts.  You need to see really well and protect your eyes.  Let our optometrists optimize your vision for your sports activities with some of the industry’s best eyewear:

  • Contact Lenses – Many modern contact lens designs hold up well to sports activities.  They are designed to stay in your eyes and remain comfortable.  Vista Eye Care has one of the best contact lens selections in Thornton, CO.  In addition, some contact lenses offer UV protection which comes in handy when you’re outside at 5200’ above sea level.
  • Sunglasses – We have an outstanding selection of sunwear that includes wrap-style frames for better peripheral vision coverage and more traditional styles as well.  Come check out the latest selections from Oakley, Tommy Bahama, Juicy Couture, Bebe, and many more!
  • Lenses – Once you have a frame that offers optimum coverage, you need to select a lens to optimize your vision.  Many sports including baseball, soccer, and golf can be enhanced with polarized lenses which allow for higher contrast between field and ball.  Sports fishing also benefits from polarized lenses because polarized lenses can virtually eliminate surface glare off water.  Our opticians can help determine which lens type will work best for you.
  • Eye Protection – Some sports should always be accompanied by shatter resistant lenses made of polycarbonate or trivex.  We can help you find glasses that will protect your eyes while playing racquetball, paintball, or shooting.
  • Specialty Multifocal Lenses – Unique bifocal and progressive designs can allow for good near and distance vision for unique activities.  For example, a “golf bifocal” design can place a reading segment away from the distance portion of your lenses so that you can see clearly far away and still have clear near vision to see your score card.
  • Swim Goggles – Our eye doctors discourage use of contact lenses in swimming pools because of the risk of Acanthoamoeba.  Prescription swim goggles are a great way to maintain great vision in the pool while avoiding unnecessary infection risk and they are surprisingly affordable.

Please call our office for an appointment, or just stop on in to browse our great selection of sports glasses and eye wear!

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