Prospect Ridge Academy Science Night

Dr. Brian Abert and and Dr. Deanna Pedroza visited Prospect Ridge Academy where they set up an optical demonstration for Science Night.  The Vista Eye Care docs took over Mrs. Jackson’s 2nd Grade classroom where they set up stations on geometric optics, refraction, refractive error in humans eyes, and even eye disease.  The stations included many different demonstrations and interactive lessons.

“We had a great time,” stated Dr. Pedroza. “These kids were all just fascinated by science which is great. You can tell that many of them will be scientists some day!”  Drs. Abert and Pedroza demonstrated optics to several dozen kids of all different ages.  Many of those kids stuck around and experienced each of the 20 stations that were set up for them.

Other science-related industry was also present at the Science Night event including exhibits by the Buttery Pavilion, X-cel Energy, and several zoological associations.  Thank you Prospect Ridge for a fun night of science!  We look forward to returning next year with new optical demos!  Enjoy these pictures from their evening at the school:

The most popular demo station of the night was undoubtedly the color wheel. When this wheel is spun around quickly, the colors all fade into white! This shows that white light can be made from all the colors of the rainbow.

Husband and wife optometry team Dr. Brian Abert and Dr. Deanna Pedroza! We had a great time in Mrs. Jackson’s classroom teaching kids about optics!

Dr. Pedroza tests the diffraction glasses which turn white light into all the colors of the rainbow!

Dr. Abert sets up the stations on eye anatomy and eye disease.

We had a stations dedicated to refraction, and had light ray demos to show how light refracts through different types of lenses!

Thank you for checking out pictures from our fun night at the school!  To schedule an annual eye check-up for yourself or your family, please call us today at (303) 450-2020, or use the button below to schedule online:

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