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Dr. Brian Abert, Vista Eye Care's founding optometrist, answers questions from patients about eye careI had LASIK about ten years ago and haven’t had an eye exam since.  Should I still worry about routine eye care?” –Jim via Email

Hi Jim, we have many patients who have great vision after having had LASIK, PRK, or cataract surgery.  After those procedures, many patients are able to gain great uncorrected vision. However, eye disease can occur in any patient.  Just because you had nearsightedness (before LASIK) doesn’t mean you also couldn’t end up getting diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and/or macular degeneration.  At Vista Eye care, our mission is prevention.  We believe strongly in patient education and using the latest tools and technology to prevent disease before it starts.  For example, macular degeneration is caused not only by the ultraviolet light blocked by sunglasses, but also by blue light emitted by computer screens, overhead lights, and the sun.  For those patients with low macular pigment density, we recommend blocking these harmful wavelengths as well as reducing the macula’s susceptibility to disease by increasing dietary zeaxanthin and lutein intake.  Even if you see great, we can still identify risk factors that may ultimately lead to vision loss in the future.  Furthermore, early signs of disease may be present even in the absence of symptoms.  For example, we often identify glaucoma risk factors in patients who didn’t even know they had risk for acquiring that disease.  In short, we recommend regular eye care to prevent vision loss.


What makes getting glasses at Vista Eye Care so special?  Can’t I get them from other places?” –Jean via email.

Jean, there are many places for you to get your glasses, though no one will be able to help you achieve better vision than Vista Eye Care.  We offer premium-quality Shamir lenses in our progressive lens designs.  These third-generation digital progressive lenses allow for wide reading corridors and crisp distance vision.  We use top-quality name-brand Crizal™ coatings, and use the latest lens materials to ensure light, comfortable lenses.  Unlike discount retailers, all of our frame collections are current meaning that all frames are fully warrantied.  We make educating our staff a priority and as a result, our staff is always up to date on the latest technologies and techniques to provide our patients with the best vision.

We utilize the latest equipment in position of wear measurements.  After your doctor determines your glasses prescription, our opticians use a special computerized mirror system to measure the distance between your pupils, the forward tilt of your lenses, the frames wrap around your eyes, and the distance from your eye to the back of your lenses.  These numbers are then synthesized together to take into account your own unique glasses prescription, lens design, and frame selection to produce digitally-corrected vision.  The days of using measurements from only a ruler and pen are long over!  Lastly, our frame and lens warranty is top notch, which allows you to trust that your glasses will provide long-lasting vision correction.  While there are certainly glasses out there that are cheaper, we believe that a sense as valuable as vision deserves quality and peace of mind.

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