Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lens DiagramVision correction has come a long way since the days of the bifocal.  Presbyopia is the name of the eye condition where the eye’s focusing system begins to give patients trouble.  Presbyopic eyes are more easily fatigued after a long day at the office, and near vision clarity will often be compromised.  While age is the main factor in the onset of presbyopia, our digital lifestyles certainly don’t help.  The human eye just isn’t designed to spend all day staring at computer screens or reading!  No matter the cause of near vision difficulties, the solution is to supplement the power of the eye, providing the appropriate lens powers to see without effort at any viewing distance that you need to.

Progressive lenses, also known as ‘no-line bifocals,’ offer a great way to see at every distance you like, all while maintaining binocularity and clear vision out of both eyes simultaneously.  Progressives work by creating a custom-designed, digital power gradient across your field of vision.  Near vision requires the most reading power and the appropriate reading power sits at the bottom of the progressive lens.  Computer screen distance (also known as ‘intermediate’ distance viewing) occurs through the center of the lens.  The uppermost portion of the lens is dedicated to distance viewing.  Discussing progressives in terms of just three distances (near, computer, and distance) is an over-simplification –In fact, a progressive lens has an infinite number of powers connecting all those distances.  Compared to the limitation of only two powers that bifocals offer, progressives are much more natural and easy to adapt to.

Shamir Autograph III LogoWhen it comes time to selecting a progressive lens, there are many types available.  Our opticians recommend the Shamir Autograph III® which is the best digitally-designed progressive lens available.  This lens offers crisp optics and given its quality and digital design, is the easiest progressive to adapt to.  Our optical department fits a wide variety of progressive lenses and brands, so please ask about how a progressive will fit your visual needs.

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