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Nutrition plays an important role in the development and health of eyes in both adults and children.  Because of their small size and anatomical complexity, eyes require a specific set of nutrients in order to function properly.  Some eye diseases are treated by making adjustments to your diet, or by taking recommended supplements to ensure good eye health.

Dry eyes are caused by either a lack of tear quality or a poor production of tears.  At Vista Eye Care, our first line of defense against dry eyes is often to thicken the tears.  Increasing tear viscosity by adding a thickening agent to the tears is one of the simplest ways to make dry eyes feel more comfortable.  Colorado air is quite dry to begin with, and use of artificial tears is common among residents of Denver, Thornton, and Brighton.  One of our eye doctor’s favorite drops is Systane Ultra (Alcon, TX, USA) which uses glycol as an eye-friendly thickening agent.  Once mixed with your own natural tears, drops such as Systane help keep your tears where they belong: on the surface of your eye.  Use of flaxseed oil and fish oil have also been proven to increase the quality and quantity of your tears. has a great article on how these supplements can help reduce the occurrence of dry eyes.

Macular degeneration is a visually devastating disease that affects patients’ central vision.  This disease is caused by ultraviolet light, and the body’s inability to repair the oxidative damage it causes.  Antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, E, and Zinc, help repair oxidized tissue.  There are a variety of antioxidant supplements that have been shown to reduce vision loss in some patients that already have moderate macular degeneration.  Besides supplements, green leafy vegetables are your natural source for antioxidants.  You can prevent macular degeneration by being educated on how the disease affects the eye, and by getting regular eye and vision examinations.

When it comes to ocular health, nutritional plays a vital role.  At Vista Eye Care in Thornton, Colorado, our optometrists are here to provide you with more than just an affordable eye exam or a glasses exam, they are here to give you advice on keeping your eyes healthy for life!  Please call our office today to schedule your annual eye exam.