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Thornton, Colorado Eye Doctors Promoting Preventative Eye Care

Dr. Brian Abert examines a patient at Vista Eye Care.

When properly cared for, your eyes should provide you with a lifetime of vision.  A yearly comprehensive eye exam for you and your family gives our eye doctors the opportunity to assess your eyes for early signs of disease, and to establish good disease prevention practices early in life.  At Vista Eye Care in Thornton, Colorado, our optometrists truly care about your eye health, and we will work with you to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear.  Many eye diseases are preventable:

  • CataractsCataracts can be caused by ultraviolet light (UV) exposure, long-term use of corticosteroids, and diabetes.  Wearing proper sun protection when outdoors can prevent cataract formation.
  • Macular Degeneration – Caused by UV light entering the eye and oxidizing retinal tissues.  You can prevent macular degeneration with UV-blocking sunwear, and by eating a diet rich in high anti-oxidant foods including green leafy vegetables.
  • GlaucomaGlaucoma cannot be prevented by diet or exercise, though early detection at a comprehensive exam can allow for timely treatment.  Early treatment can prevent glaucoma from significantly affecting your vision.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy – Monitoring the blood vessels and ocular structures of a diabetic patient’s eyes can assure that if diabetic damage occurs, it can be promptly treated to reduce its ability to damage vision.
  • Ocular Surface Disease – Prolonged computer use, working in windy environments, and use of certain medications can cause dry eyes, exacerbate ocular allergies, and can greatly affect your vision and comfort.  Adjusting your workplace setup and using certain tear-enhancing drops or ointments can help you maintain comfortable eyes throughout the day.
  • Ocular Infection – Proper care of contact lenses can prevent ocular infections.  Our optometrists will show you how to care for your lenses properly in order to prevent infections.

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