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Chip the Clean Practice Protocol Mascot

Vista Eye Care has instituted our Clean Practice Protocol to keep you and family safe while you visit our practice to address your eye care and vision needs.  Our Clean Practice Protocol is our comprehensive response to COVID-19.  It allows us to maintain a safe environment for our patients and staff, while still letting us adhere to the principles of our Mission Statement.  Chip the Thornton Torosaurus, is our Clean Practice Protocol mascot, and you can find Chip throughout our office promoting safety!  Here are some of the changes you will notice at your appointment:

Online Welcome Forms

We have eliminated clipboards and waiting rooms by offering all of our pre-exam paperwork online.

Full-time Mask Wear

All patients, visitors, staff, and doctors are required to wear face masks in our office.  We are close to stopping mask wear, but the CDC still requires it of health care facilities.

At-Risk Patient Hours

The first hour of patient care each day is specially reserved for older patients, immune-compromised patients, or those with certain underlying conditions. 

Comprehensive Eye Care

Vista Eye Care is proud to offer our full range of eye care services including annual comprehensive eye and vision examinations, contact lens exams, pediatric eye care, diabetic eye care, glaucoma clinic, dry eye clinic, and emergency medical eye care.

Exam Room Technology

We are utilizing our TRS-5100 Refraction Systems to maintain a safe distance between you and your doctor during the exam.  High-definition retinal imaging is used to speed up your exam time while maintaining a thorough check of your eye health.

Personalized Concierge Optician Service

When you schedule your exam at Vista Eye Care, you will be assigned a knowledgeable optician who will work with you to determine your visual needs and eyeglass frame style and brand.

Strict Sanitization Procedures

Every surface in the office is carefully cleaned with hospital-grade cleaning agents.  We even use ultraviolet sterilization on all of our eyeglass frames to ensure your safety.

Curbside Glasses Pick-up and Adjustment

No need to get out of your car!  We have designated parking spots for curbside service.  Seven days a week, our opticians are here to deliver and adjust your brand new glasses or contact lenses. 

Support Local Business and Jobs!

Vista Eye Care is a mom and pop eye care shop!  Vista Eye Care was founded by Dr. Deanna Pedroza (the mom) and Dr. Brian Abert (the pop) in 2010.  We employ 25 amazing people who have been able to keep their jobs because of your support.

The world is a changing place, but please know that Vista Eye Care is here for you.  Our office is here to offer you a safe and comfortable environment for your eye and vision care.  Call us today at (303) 450-2020 to schedule your annual comprehensive eye and vision examination.

Clean Practice Protocol

Chip the Clean Practice Protocol Mascot
We have a new mascot, Chip, to promote safety at our office.

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