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A man sits at his computer with eyestrain

With kids learning from home, and adults working from home, our collective screen time has gone through the roof.  Vista Eye Care’s doctors are frequently asked about blue light exposure and how it relates to eye health and vision.  So what is blue light, and why should we work to protect our retinas from exposure to it?  Blue light sits right next to ultraviolet light on the electromagnetic radiation spectrum and is known to oxidize ocular tissues including our natural lens (which results in cataracts) and the retina (leading to macular degeneration).  Exposure to blue light can also disrupt a patient’s sleep cycle and cause the eye strain and visual fatigue collectively known as Computer Vision Syndrome.

For protection against blue light, Shamir’s Blue Zero lens material offers great optical performance, while not causing the yellow distortion of the old blue-blocking lens technologies.  Crizal’s Prevencia coating is an anti-glare lens treatment which reduces blue light transmission through the lens.  Ask your Vista Eye Care optician today which type of lens material or coating would serve to best protect  your eyes from blue light.  While protecting against blue light is important, having the correct refractive power in your computer or gaming glasses is also crucial to prevent fatigue and relax your eye’s focus.  Our opticians are trained to help you find a lens treatment to meet your needs!  Whether you are a child remote learning from the dining room table, or an adult working from a home office, your computer use (and blue light exposure) has probably increased – your team here at Vista Eye Care has got a solution to fit your needs!

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