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Summer in Colorado can mean only one thing: outdoors! In Colorado, we know how to do it: biking, hiking, running, swimming, you name it. When it comes to outdoor sports, we want your vision to be at its best, and your eyes to be protected from the sun. Vista Eye Care, your Thornton, Colorado optometry office, can help you see better, and keep your eyes healthy.

Sharp vision is important in many different sports. Even a small refractive error can be holding you back from seeing your sports activity in the details necessary for you to excel. Prescription sunglasses offer many benefits for lots of different sports. With prescription sunglasses, we can correct your refractive error, neutralize your astigmatism, protect your eyes, and sharpen your vision. Had LASIK but it’s wearing off? No problem. Your comprehensive eye and vision examination at Vista Eye Care includes a glasses prescription, and if you already had your exam with us we have your prescription on file and ready to go. If you haven’t had your annual exam this year, just call us to make an appointment. Our eye exams are affordable, painless, and informative. Best yet, we work with most insurance companies (health and vision) to help use your benefits to cover exams and materials. Good eye healthcare is less expensive than you think, with or without insurance.

Prescription sunglasses also give our eye doctors the opportunity to discuss your retinal health. When a lens blocks ultraviolet light, it also prevents cataracts and macular degeneration from becoming a problem in your future. Truth is, everyone will get cataracts, but would you rather be having cataract surgery at age 50 or age 100? Macular degeneration results in permanent central vision loss and is caused by oxidization of retinal tissue. Protecting your eyes, especially because we all live at altitude here in Colorado, is key.

Please contact our office today to schedule a comprehensive eye and vision examination for yourself and your family –and have a fun summer!