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The concept of sports vision centers around the idea that patients’ vision can be improved for high intensity sports that require excellent visual acuity and fast movements.  While everyday vision concerns can be typically solved with standard eye correction, some extra thought may be prudent when considering what we do for fun on the field.  Selecting the appropriate glasses, sunglasses, lenses, coatings, contact lenses, and protective eyewear can ensure that your performance in your sport(s) of choice is optimized, all while taking into account preventative eyecare and comfort.  Vista Eye Care serves patients in Broomfield, Brighton, Thornton, Westminster, and Northglenn.  Our optometrists are experts at keeping you seeing great and keeping your eyes healthy.

Glasses are a practical solution for many sports, whether clear or tinted.  Sunglasses offer the wearer shelter from the harsh sunlight often present in sunny Colorado.  Ultraviolet protection can help prevent early onset cataracts and macular degeneration.  Wrap-style sunglasses, such as some Oakley designs, can offer near-complete protection from the sun, keeping glare out of your eyes, reducing your light sensitivity, and ensuring that you have great game.

Lens material is also important.  Polycarbonate works well if you don’t have too much astigmatism.  It inherently blocks the transmission of ultraviolet light, and is shatter resistant.  Some sports, such as racquet ball, baseball, softball, and tennis, feature relatively small objects flying about at high speeds.  Because the balls used in those sports can fit inside the orbit of your face, they can cause severe damage to the eye if you are playing those sports without proper protection.  Shatter-resistant lenses are important for your own safety.  Another excellent material is Trivex, which is also shatter resistant and provides incredible optical clarity for a wide range of spectacle prescriptions.

Contact lenses offer a great alternative to glasses for some sports, though they aren’t a substitute for protective eyewear.  Contact lenses, because they are not mounted on your face in a frame, offer an unhindered field of view.  They don’t fog up for those sports that involve activity in cold weather, and when fit properly, they offer excellent stability and clarity.  In addition, once a person’s refractive error is neutralized with contact lenses, a wide variety of other glasses, goggles, and masks can be more easily worn.  Contact lenses are a great solution for those patients that enjoy skiing, snowboarding, shooting, and hunting.

Vista Eye Care also offers a variety of specialty sports eye wear including swimming goggles, skiing masks, children’s / adults sports goggles, and special lens tinting (see picture in this article).  Our opticians are ready to help you excel at your sport of choice, and our eye doctors can help you keep your eyes seeing great –let’s keep you on your game, and keep your eyes safe and healthy!

Call our office today at (303) 450-2020 to schedule your yearly exam, or stop by our practice any time you like to browse our fantastic selection of sports eyewear.

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